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We're not just roofers... We're neighbors, friends, family and Towson natives. When you hire Towson Roofing Pros to replace your roof, you're hiring a team of dedicated professionals who care about their reputation because to them its not just a jobsite, its home.

Our Roofing Reputation Precedes Us
Page Jordan
Towson, MD
New Shingles

"Towson Roofing Pros were great. I love the installed roof and I can't believe how quickly they put it on. I thought I'd need to take two days off from work, but turned out I only had to take off one because they showed up early and finished before sunset. They were very professional, quick, and did a good job cleaning up! I've recommended them to a few coworkers who are looking to have new roofs put on around Baltimore." Read Review

Benjamin Jones
Lutherville, MD
Storm Repair

"I cannot say enough good things about this company. They were extremely professional and never tried to take advantage of me, which is something I've experienced with other roofers in the past. I gave them a call after a big storm and they fit me in the next day even though I know they were very busy. Bryce, the roof estimator, was not pushy at all. He showed me photos of my roof and explained why I needed a roof replacement. He explained things in a way that even someone like me could understand. After signing the contract Towson Roofing Pros continued to provide follow up calls leading up to the install date. The roofing crew showed up early and were courteous of my neighbors. I get compliments about my roof from neighbors all the time." Read Review

Sharp James
Owings Mills, MD
Roof Replacement

"I called a number of roofing companies near me, but Towson Roofing Pros impressed me the most. Their price was fair compared to the competition and their roofing warranty service really made them stand out. I wasn't originally going to install new gutters, but I live in Owings Mills and we have a lot of trees. My old gutters weren't cutting it so I wanted something wider that would limit the number of clogs I got. Towson Roofing Pros gave me a discount on the gutters since I was already having a new roof installed, which made me happy. The roof looks great and I'll be calling them again in the future.."  Read Review

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We Provide Roofing Services in Towson, Maryland

Our team of Baltimore Roofers Provide a Variety of Roofing Services to Best Serve Our Local Customers 

Residential Roof Installation

Leaks are a sign of potential damage beyond the roof. Towson Roofing Pros can install a new roof with quality materials that will last decades.

Torch Down Flat Roofing 

Torch down is a cost-effective method for weather sealing a flat roof. With proper installation, these roofs can last many years before a new layer must be applied. Our roofing experts have spent years installing these kinds of flat roofs and guarantee a superior product.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections can help identify issues before they become costly repairs. Towson Roofing Pros specializes in a 30 point roofing inspection where the homeowner receives a detailed report.

Roof Repair

A roof repair can come in the form of an unexpected storm or wear and tear over a long period of time. Whether your roof is leaking now and you need somebody over immediately or you're looking for routine maintenance on your roof, Towson Roofing Pros is ready to help.

New Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are a critical component when it comes to handing storm water and diverting it away from your home. Towson Roofing Pros can install high efficiency gutter that ensure consistent and proper handing of water even during Baltimore's biggest storms.

Commercial Roofing

Towson Roofing Pros can assist in the repair or replacement of roofs on commercial buildings from industrial warehouses to franchise hotels. They are experienced having worked on roofs so some of the area's largest businesses.

We Are Licensed and Insured

Every job at Towson Roofing Pros is done with quality and safety in mind. Our team of experts are licensed, insured, experienced, and highly trained on the latest industry techniques. We always do things right the first time.

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About Us
Towson Roofing Pros is a Baltimore roofing company that offers a wide range of roofing services to residential and commercial customers. We offer affordable rates and you'll know that the job will be done correctly. We also stand by the roofs and gutters that we install. If anything goes wrong with your new roof or exterior materials within the first year we will provide assistance.

We offer a high quality service at an affordable price. Towson Roofing Pros is a Baltimore roofing company that offers a wide range of roofing services to residential and commercial customers. We offer affordable rates and you'll know that the job will be done correctly. We also stand by the roofs and gutters that we install. If anything goes wrong with your new roof or exterior materials within the first year we will provide assistance.

Towson Roofing Pros provides estimates on all roofing services. After giving us a call we will set up a time for our estimator to visit your home.  We will answer all of your questions and make sure you understand the type of work that we can provide. We then get to work measuring the roof and making a detailed plan for the installation of your new asphalt shingle roof, metal roof or other materials.

Once we have tallied up our estimate we present it to you in writing and we call this the proposal. It includes information about the job, materials and rates for labor and installation. If you choose to move forward with our company we will then schedule a time that works best for you to start the job. Towson Roofing Pros is happy to work around your schedule in order to get the project done quickly.

One of the most important parts of any roofing job is the installation. Our crew is well-trained in current methods and techniques for asphalt shingle roofs or metal roofs and we will ensure that your new roof looks fantastic when we are through. We carefully remove all debris from your property before beginning work and clean up after the job has been finished.

We stand behind our work and if anything goes wrong with your new roof or exterior materials within the first year we will provide assistance.

Towson Roofing Pros serves both residential and commercial clients throughout the Baltimore area including downtown Baltimore, Towson, Catonsville, Columbia, Elkridge and surrounding communities. Let us help you replace or repair your roof before the next big storm.

Roofers Near Me

Towson Roofing Pros is located in the Baltimore area and is able to quickly get to you, no matter where you are in Baltimore. Our team of roofers are experts in all types of roofing materials including metal, tile, asphalt shingle, flat roofs, rubber roofs and single ply membranes.

Whether you have a small house or large commercial property with dozens of skylights to repair, Towson Roofing Pros has the most experienced professionals in the area to handle your job. We offer competitive rates and great service, so give us a call today for your free quote.

Areas Where We Provide Roofing Services:
  • Towson 21022
  • Lutherville-Timonium 21093
  • Cockeysville 21030
  • Hampton 23503
  • Carney 21234
  • Parkville 21234
  • Brooklandville 21093
  • Pikesville 21208
  • Owings Mills 21117
  • Carney 21234
  • Reisterstown 21117
  • Yorktown 21212
  • And the greater Baltimore area
Roofing Warranty
Towson Roofing Pros offers a wide range of roofing services for the Baltimore area. Our most popular types of roofing services include emergency roof repairs, flat roof replacement, skylight roof repair and installation, asphalt shingle roofs and metal roofs. We understand that selecting the right type of roof is an important decision and we make sure to walk you through the different options and help you make an educated decision. 

At Towson Roofing Pros we offer a multi-year workmanship warranty with every roof replacement project depending on materials selected by the homeowner. We understand that selecting the right type of roof is important and we do our best to make sure you are fully educated on all your options and can choose the best roofing solution for your home. 

At Towson Roofing Pros we have a huge range of different styles and colors to choose from when selecting the perfect roof. We offer asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, cedar shake roofs as well as low slope standing seam metal roofs. For those looking to maximize their energy savings, we also offer solar roofs. 

Our roofing warranty is a multi-year warranty, and our workmanship warranty is transferable. It applies to any future owners of the property as well as any occupants during the period of the warranty.

The team of Baltimore roof installers at Towson Roofing Pros use the latest installation techniques and are always honing their craft. Our roofers are masters in their trade and always willing to go the extra mile. While materials can fail due to manufacturer defects, our team will be there right away to repair the failure and ensure that your roof will last for decades to come.

We do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your new roof, that is why we offer a workmanship warranty on all of our installations. At Towson Roofing Pros we make sure to stop by after the installation is complete and check that everything is to our customer's satisfaction. 


How Much Does a Flat Roof Replacement Cost in Maryland?

Flat roofs cost less than sloped roofs, for obvious reasons. However, there's more involved in replacing a flat roof. Here are the factors that affect flat roof replacement cost in Maryland:

  1. The Size of the Deck - Larger decks will take more time to replace, which means extra labor costs. More materials are also required which adds to the bottom line of the project.
  2. Material Choices - The materials chosen for a flat roof replacement can affect the final price. For example, torch-down with more layers increase your flat roof replacement cost because they take more time to lay and must be laid in a specific way to help water runoff.
  3. Timeframe - If your flat roof replacement project is an emergency and you need to get it done quickly, companies may charge a premium to justify shuffling their schedule and expedite the delivery of material. 

How Much Does a Sloped Shingled Roof Replacement Cost in Maryland?

In the Maryland area, traditional 3-tab asphalt roofs are the most common and affordable roofing option. The average house size in Maryland is roughly 1,900 square feet, with older homes being smaller. A 3-tab asphalt shingle roof replacement will cost between $3.50 and $5.50 per sq. ft.

How Often Should I Replace My Roof?

A complete roof replacement is necessary when the roof and shingles are in such bad condition that no repairs can be conducted without the likelihood of a leak in the near future. For shingles this is when the grit has worn away and the corner begin to curl. For flat roofs with torch down this occurs with the seams have deteriorated to the point that they no longer create a water tight seal.

In general, this is the recommended replacement schedule based on the material used:

  • Torch down membrane: 15-20 years
  • Composition Shingles: 12-20 years
  • Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years
  • Wood Shingles: 20-25 years
  • Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years
  • Metal Roofs: 50-75 years

Why is Roofing So Expensive?

Roofs can be flat or sloped, have many levels, or have a low or high pitch thus impacting materials and labor costs. A steep roof is harder to work on and increases risks to contractors. A roof that’s difficult to access causes extra labor and sometimes equipment to finish the job. If your home has skylights, they’ll have to be re-flashed or you may opt to replace them entirely.

Chimneys, pipes, and vents also need to be re-flashed during roof installation. Commonly, vents have to be replaced due to new building codes and better ventilation requirements. Choosing architectural or premium designer shingles is an excellent option for high performance and elevated style, however, it’s pricier than traditional 3-tab shingles.

Are Roofs Covered By Home Insurance?

Your home insurance is there to pay for roof-related damages, but only for covered perils such as damages from severe weather, falling objects or fire. Your homeowners insurance does not typically cover damages or leaks caused because an older or poorly maintained roof is failing.

How long does it take to install a new torch-down roof?

Replacing a flat roof can take as little as one day or as much as three days. This depends on the materials used, complexity of the roof and weather conditions. Homes that have more complex flashing requirements will take longer.

It usually takes four days to replace a 3-tab shingle roof, including one day for stripping and preparing the roof deck and three days of laying new shingles. It's important to note that replacing a flat roof is not as simple as it may seem. For example, if you’re using torch-down materials, the fire-resistant adhesive used in the installation process must cure properly or it will fail when exposed to rain or high temperatures.

How long does it take to re-shingle an asphalt roof?

In general, the roof of an average size can be re-shingled in one to two days. Larger homes can take take a little longer at three to five days. Depending on the weather, complexity, and accessibility of your home it could longer or shorter. Homes the need to have existing layers of shingles stripped can.

Can I Replace My Roof If I Have a Roof Deck?

Unfortunately, if you have a roof deck it will need to be removed and then re-installed in order to properly replace the roof. Sometime it is possible to replace the roof with a walkable membrane that is cheaper and easier to maintain than a traditional wooden roof deck.

Baltimore Asphalt Shingle Roof Installer
Those looking to install asphalt shingles in the Baltimore area are getting an increasingly popular option for their home or business.  

Why install an asphalt shingle roof?

Asphalt roofing lasts longer than many other options including wood and cedar. The type of shingles you use for your asphalt roof have a lower environmental impact than some other forms of roofing.  

At Towson Roofing Pros we offer a wide range of asphalt roofing options. We make sure to walk homeowners through each shingle option and help them choose the best fit for their property. Asphalt roofs are very affordable, easy to maintain and they also give your home or business an attractive appearance. 

Asphalt shingles are suitable for more severe weather climates and conditions including wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour, heavy snow loads and hurricanes.  

We offer asphalt roofing in different styles, colors and patterns to suit different preferences. Our roofs are lightweight allowing them to withstand high winds more easily than heavier roofs.

Towson Roofing Pros offers their customers multiple styles of asphalt shingle roofs including architectural shingles, three-tab shingles and laminated shingles. We work with you to ensure that you get the best roofing shingle for your needs. 

Benefits of Asphalt Shingle Roofs 

There are many reasons homeowners choose asphalt shingle roofs for their properties such as their hardiness to weather conditions, affordability, low maintenance requirements and their aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

An asphalt shingle roof is considered a long-term investment that can last for decades with proper maintenance. The materials are resistant to moisture damage, fire, hail storms and high winds which makes them an attractive option for many homeowners. 

Asphalt shingles are also very affordable which allows homeowners to get more for their money. They can be less expensive than most other roofing materials and installation costs are reasonable compared to tile roofs. 

At the time of your roof replacement you need to be sure that it is done properly and by professionals who are experienced in this area. We offer affordable rates and you'll know that the job will be done correctly. 

We also offer warranties on all of our services because we are confident in the work that we do. We stand by the roofs, gutters and siding that we install for a full year after finishing your project. This warranty in additional peace of mind if anything goes wrong with your new roof or exterior materials within the first year and allows you to get in touch with us for assistance.

Can asphalt shingles be installed if I have solar panels?

We can install asphalt shingles even if you already have solar panels on your roof. We will remove the old shingles and ensure that all of our work is compliant with local building codes. 

Do asphalt shingles hold up well to hail storms?

We install asphalt roofing shingles on many properties located in the Baltimore area and we have noticed that they hold up very well to hail storms. The way the shingles are manufactured  and installed provides them with a very high resistance to hail damage. 

What is the difference between three-tab and laminate shingles?

Three-tab shingles tend to be less expensive than laminated options, but we recommend that you stick with the best materials for your asphalt roof. Laminated shingles last longer and are more resistant to wind damage. 

Can I install laminate shingles over my existing roof?

We recommend that you replace your entire roof with new asphalt shingle roof, but if you are looking to change out certain sections of your roof or repair damage it is possible to lay laminate shingles over exposed materials. We have seen roofs that are 30 years old with laminate tiles laid over the very top. We can install new shingles for you or install new materials on your existing roof if you want to save some money. 

What can I expect from my new asphalt shingles?

You can expect your new asphalt shingle roof to stand tough against high winds, heavy snow loads and hurricanes. Your home or business will have a beautiful new look and your roof will provide decades of protection. 

The key to a high quality asphalt shingle installation is choosing the right team for the job. It is critical that our crew performs each asphalt shingle installation with quality workmanship and has extensive experience in the industry. 

If you are looking to replace your roof but don’t know where to start, give Towson Roofing Pros a call today for a free consultation. We make our best effort to walk you through the process and educate you on all your options.
Roofing Options for Flat Roofs

Torch-down roofing or EPDM roofing are the best and most cost-effective choices for flat roofs. Torch down roofing, which many refer to as modified bitumen or asphalt rolled roofing, works similarly to asphalt shingle roofs but are more compatible with low-sloped or flat-roofed materials. While it doesn't impact the look of properties, it can give the same level of protection to property owners.

The UV-reflective coating on torch down roofing provides excellent insulation. Furthermore, the roofing tarp is melted by a flame, providing an water-impermeable barrier against rain and snow. While it necessitates the assistance of expert Towson roofing companies for installation torches and proper procedures, the payoff is always a superb roofing product with road-level durability comparable to that of major highways.

EPDM roofing offers the same advantages. Its overlapping seams ensure zero property water damage during heavy rainfalls. Additionally, rubber performs well consistently exposed to hot or cold environments. However, its adhesive-based installation and the missile vulnerability of EPDM roofs make them only an option for most property owners.

Torch down roofing provides more protection against hail than EPDM roofing. Rubber roofs and torch-down roofing have the same expected life span, but the latter outperforms rubber roofs in terms of performance.

What Is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is commonly used on flat and low-slope roofs. Ethylene and propylene are produced from oil and natural gas, which are the two primary materials. The roofing membrane is very durable and its performance is not hampered by extreme weather conditions.

EPDM roofs are available in a variety of colors, including white, black and brown. EPDM also comes with two reinforcement options for different durability requirements: continuous filament and non-woven fabric. EPDM can be used as a single-ply roofing system to provide a 100% waterproof and weatherproof membrane. It can also be used to add an extra layer of protection on top of another roofing system such as shingles, tiles or metal.

What Is EPDM Roof Repair?

EPDM roof repair is needed for roofs that get damaged by UV rays, hail, debris or other elements. When this happens, EPDM roofs may develop blisters or bubbles which in turn creates so-called "patches" in the roofing membrane. The need for EPDM roof repair is typically associated with older commercial properties that haven't been maintained since installation.

What Are Some Commercial Roofing Services That Are Offered?

EPDM roofing is also known as EPDM rubber roofing. It has become increasingly popular in the U.S. over the past few years due to many factors including its durability, color options and affordability compared to traditional roofing systems such as asphalt shingle roofs, clay tile roofs or metal roofs.

Roof Inspections in Baltimore
Towson Roofing Pros provides roof inspection in Towson and the surrounding Baltimore area. Their 30 point roof inspections identify potential areas of concern and also provide information on the general condition of the roof.

The best time to call a professional roofer is before a major repair or replacement is needed. Roof repairs and inspections are often the difference between having a roof that lasts a long time and one that doesn't. Preventive maintenance and an annual inspection can frequently avoid numerous expensive and inconvenient roof difficulties. That’s why we recommend an annual rooftop and attic inspection. It is your way of being assured that your roofing system is in top condition, year in and year out. Regular inspections of your roof's condition can help you avoid expensive issues in the future and ultimately extend the life of your roofing system.

From the street, your roof's true condition cannot be seen. We'll look at things from the inside out to guarantee your safety, and we'll check out the top 20 components of your roof.

Is Your Roof on Borrowed Time?

The key to saving money is to detect a roof problem early while it's still minor. You could have a leak in your roof right now, causing thousands of dollars in damage and you don't even realize it. In fact, many roof problems are only discovered after they’ve reached an advanced stage – after leakage or other serious damage has already occurred. Roofs can leak for years before you see evidence of the damage occurring. Since roofs are so difficult to access, they can be an easy place for problems to go undetected.

Since problems with your roof only get worse over time, the earlier you catch the problem, the better it is for everyone involved. Given enough time water penetration can lead to serious structural issues that may end up involving your attic, walls and foundation. So let Towson Roofing Pros ease your mind by performing an expert roof inspection for you today!

Extend the Life of Your Towson Roof

Many roofing contractors do not do roofing repairs, and will insist on a brand new roof. Depending on your budget and the actual problems that your roof has, you may not need a whole new roof. At Towson Roofing Pros, we inspect your roof with our 20 Point Roof Inspection. Our roofers are properly educated to discover any problems that may arise with the repair or replacement of your roof.  If your roof just needs a specific repair, they will have the ability to give you this advice. And if your roof is not in need of any repairs at all, our inspectors are educated to identify problems with the construction or installation of your shingles or torch down EDPM which could lead to future issues down the road.

Our roofing inspections are provided at no obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Our philosophy is that it’s better to know what the problems are before making a big decision about your roof. This way homeowners can avoid wasting money on unnecessary repairs or replacements, and be proactive in taking care of their roofing needs.

What Does the Inspection Include?

This form of roof inspection is used to assess the current state of each component of the roof. To ensure that tiles or shingles are properly in place, they are inspected. The amount of wear and tear on certain sections of the roof will also be noted. The flashing used in the roof design will also be inspected and tested to make sure it is still providing the seal needed in peaks and valleys.

An expert will inspect the roof surface as well as the underlying structure supporting it. The eaves are inspected for any indications of deterioration, which might be repaired. Joists and frames that help to provide stability for the roof are also inspected, and detailed information is recorded about the condition.

The course of the 30-point inspection leaves no detail overlooked. If there is any type of damage or wear present, the certified professional will identify the issue and make sure you are made aware of the situation. 

After the Roof Inspection

Once the inspection is complete, a detailed report will be given to you. In this report, the inspector will show all of the problem areas that were discovered on your roof. They will also note any repairs needed, as well as how urgent it is for them to be done. Since every roofing system requires specific care and maintenance, you can rely on us to give you the information on how best to handle the situation.

You want your home to be as comfortable, efficient and safe possible. For this reason, Towson Roofing Pros is committed to providing our customers with timely inspections of their roofs. We are also dedicated to helping our customers make educated decisions about their roofs, which is why we provide a detailed inspection report free of charge. Contact Towson Roofing Pros today to schedule your roof inspection.
Commercial Roofing Services in Towson

Towson Roofing Pros provides the highest quality, most dependable commercial roofing services in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Our team of expert and experienced roofing professionals carries out inspections, finds and repairs leaks, and provides other commercial roofing services.

We know how important it is for your business to have a strong and long-lasting roof that can protect your facility from water, wind, and other dangers that may affect it. In order to accomplish this, we offer the following commercial roofing services:

Commercial Roof Replacement

When your roof has significant damage, it's typically your best solution to replace it. At Towson Roofing Pros, we provide reliable commercial roof replacement services that include helping you determine which roofing material suits your building best. We’re also available to replace your roof for efficiency or aesthetic purposes.

When it’s time for your business to invest in a new roof, Towson Roofing Pros can help you select the right type for your commercial building. We provide trustworthy commercial installation services using high-quality materials, and we work swiftly to ensure that your company has no interruption to your normal business operations.

Commercial Roofing Leak Detection and Repairs

Unchecked leaks might quickly grow into a big problem that might cost your company time and money. We can look for leaks in your roof and repair any necessary repairs to avoid water damage or structural hurt.

Commercial Roof Repair Around Towson

Whether it’s just a small crack or hole that requires repair, Towson Roofing Pros can get your business back to normal quickly. We have the tools and expertise to help you with any commercial roofing repairs needed, including sealing cracks caused by settling, wind damage, or improper roof installation.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

It’s crucial for your business to have its roof maintained by a dependable commercial roofing contractor. Regular inspections can help us stay on top of any potential problems that may arise with your current roof, whether it’s an issue with the installation or wear and tear over time. We are available for commercial roof maintenance services at set intervals, which can save you money in the long run.

When your roof is having issues or showing signs of wear and tear, it’s best to hire Towson Roofing Pros for commercial roof maintenance. We are committed to helping our business clients stay safe with updated inspection reports that include potential problems with your roof.

Types of Commercial Roofing

Choosing a roofing type for your commercial building can seem overwhelming if you know nothing about roofing. Towson Roofing Pros can assist you in determining which roofing materials are appropriate for your building and individual needs.


TPO, which stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is a highly durable, cost-effective type of commercial roof that can be installed easily. This heat-resistant, chemical-resistant and energy-efficient roofing can provide continuous savings to your company. Single-ply roofing systems for commercial buildings offer important benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, easy installation and exceptional protection from the elements. Acme Roof Systems can help you determine if a single-ply roofing system is suitable for your building and if it is the best option for your individual needs.

• Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen roofs for commercial buildings are made of asphalt products and are built to last for 20 years or more. These roofs are resistant to leaks, as well as damage from hail storms, high winds, and even fire.

• Metal Roofs

Commercial structures with metal roofs provide a number of significant advantages, including energy efficiency, high durability and low maintenance requirements. They are also fire-resistant and may endure for decades.

Industrial Roofing Services in Maryland

We have the knowledge, equipment, and supplies necessary to give exceptional service for industrial roofs. Whether you have a warehouse that needs a new roof, a school that needs roof repairs, or any other kind of industrial roofing need, our professional roofing contractors are here to help.

Roof Maintenance Programs

Routine roof maintenance on your commercial roof helps ensure that it remains effective for many years. Towson Roofing Pros offers roof maintenance programs that are designed to help extend the lifespan of your commercial roof. Contact us today for an estimate or more information.